Over 3,500 notes funded Since 1989


There are a lot of note buyers out there. Why would AFTS choose McKinley Mortgage as their preferred note buyer?

It’s simple.

We have been investing in real estate notes since 1989, and we have earned the trust of our clients in over 3,500 transactions.  Having the ability to buy real estate notes with our own funds means that you won’t have to pay any third party broker fees.  It also allows us to give you an offer for your note during a brief phone conversation.

If you are curious what your note is worth, call us. 

If you were the seller in an ‘owner will carry’ real estate transaction, or received a mortgage note as part of an inheritance,  you may be wondering if you can sell your note and, if so, what is it worth?  Whether you want to pay off existing debts, invest in a new opportunity, or even take a vacation, selling your note may be a good option.  We have created this page as a resource to help educate you on what to expect when selling your note.


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What is your Note Worth?


What is My Note Worth?