Want to invest in Notes?


trust deed investing 

Are you looking for a place to get started investing in Real estate notes?  Are you wanting to learn how to buy and sell notes?

We work with investors from all over the country helping them find performing, first position notes to add to their portfolio.

The professionalism of this company was very impressive to me. They were transparent in their processes, kept me updated and exceeded my expectations. I am very glad I gave them my business.
— Caroline

Here's how to get started

Fill out the form with your information

  1. Let us know what you look for in a quality note investment. This will help us determine if we can meet your investment needs.
  2. Speak with one of our note investing specialists to ensure we are a good fit.
  3. Complete our confidential investor application to become an approved investor.  California residents or investors that want to buy California notes will be required to complete a RE870 Investor Questionnaire. 
  4. Once approved, you will gain access to our weekly list of notes available for sale.  Our specialists will also contact you directly when they feel a note would be of particular interest to you.
  5. When reviewing a note of interest, you'll have the option to review the due diligence package before making a decision to buy it. 

Since 1989, McKinley Mortgage has brokered over 3,500 real estate notes to investors just like you.