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If you are thinking of selling an owner-financed real estate note, or are thinking of creating a new one, we can help.  Simply provide us with a few details about your note and we will make you a cash offer in 15 minutes or less.  Visit our How it Works page to learn more and get started on your offer today.

Buy Real Estate Notes

Interested in learning note investing?  We have opportunities available for you to buy performing, 1st position notes backed by real estate.  Click below to learn how you can become an approved investor with access to our weekly list of notes available for sale. 

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Who Is McKinley Mortgage Company?

We are a company that buys mortgage notes, first trust deeds, land contracts, and promissory notes that are secured by real estate. Whether you are a note seller, borrower or investor, our team of experienced note buying, underwriting and servicing specialists are here to serve you.  Founded in 1989 out of Fairbanks Alaska, McKinley Mortgage Company has been privileged to serve thousands of clients across the United States, Canada and Mexico and has funded over 3,500 private money transactions.

With more than 40 employees located in Alaska, California, Washington, and Texas, we are here to provide you and your clients with world-class service, while honoring our mission to facilitate ‘A Tradition of Trust.’ We work with individual and institutional note holders, private money borrowers, investors, other brokers, and real estate professionals to provide cash solutions where the banks won't.

If you would like an offer on your real estate note, are interested in obtaining a loan, or would like to invest in more notes, contact us today! 


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